Renowned concentration camp prisoners from 17 European countries and their route to South Tyrol

The book was compiled to accompany the exhibition “Return to Life,” which documents the route of the SS hostages from Dachau in Germany to South Tyrol. The exhibition was developed by Hans-Günter Richardi, after an idea by Dr. Caroline M. Heiss, based on his research for the book “SS-Geiseln in der Alpenfestung” (above). Graphic design by Uschi Vierheller, Seeshaupt, Germany.

The present publication contains all the illustrations presented in the exhibition with expanded documentary text. It is available in German, Italian and English.

The book presents the events at the end of World War II in a concise, organized format. (For a more detailed account, see Richardi’s book SS-Geiseln in der Alpenfestung.)

The exhibition “Return to Life” has been well received in Germany, Austria and Italy. It has been exhibited in the following cities: Berlin (German Resistance Memorial Center), Brixen (Hotel Elephant and Jakob Philipp Fallmerayer secondary school), Dachau (City Hall and Church of Reconciliation), Tirol (South Tyrolean Museum of History in Castle Tyrol), Fondi, Innsbruck (Department of History, Innsbruck University), Kiel (University Church), Leipzig (New City Hall), Markt Schönberg (Dietrich Bonhoeffer School; Kunst- und Kulturhaus), Mori, Munich (Hanns Seidel Foundation and the association Weisse Rose Institut), Villabassa (Upper Puster Valley Tourism Museum, Wassermann House), Riofreddo (Garibaldi Museum), Rome (Casa della memoria), Toblach (Grand Hotel Cultural Center), Triest (Risiera di San Sabba) and Vienna (Karl von Vogelsang Institute). The exhibition is also permanently installed in the memorial museum at the “Wolf’s Lair”, the site of Hitler’s command bunker complex near Kestrzyn, Poland.

Author: Hans-Günter Richardi with a foreword by Dr. Caroline M. Heiss
112 pages, 145 illustrations
ISBN 88-902316-0-2
Published by ZeitgeschichtsArchiv Pragser Wildsee, Braies 2006
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€ 14.80