At the Pragser Wildsee, You Are Always a Guest in Our House.

We know about our privilege. The Hotel Pragser Wildsee is located directly at the lake. There is no one else out here.

We are the only ones who provide you with food and drinks at the lakeside, and we want to take good care of you. We owe it to the place between water, forest and mountain. It is of enchanting beauty. How can we give walkers, hotel guests, hikers the most exquisite and delicious experience? We have thought about this for a long time. So we came up with this: three inns. A Chalet for a quick snack, Emma's Bistro with fine, small dishes, and last but not least, The Panorama Restaurant with its refined menu. Our chefs cook in all restaurants. We use regional and seasonal products, and our recipes are South Tyrolean Alpine-Mediterranean. Cakes, bread rolls and salads will be served fresh or not at all.

You are not staying at the hotel by the lake? That is not a problem. During lunch hours, you are welcome to dine at all three places. Whichever restaurant you choose, you’ll always have a lake view. Just make sure you get access to the lake in time. We're in high demand up here at 1,496 meters.